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Project Description
SharePoint Desktop is a explorer-like webpart that makes it possible to drag and drop items (documents and folders), copy and paste items and explore all SharePoint document libraries in 1 place.

I started SharePoint Desktop to learn more about combining JQuery, JSON Webservices and the SharePoint Client Object Model. I thought it would be nice to publish the result on CodePlex. SharePoint Desktop shows all non-hidden document libraries of a single site in 1 webpart. It gives the user the possibility to copy, cut and paste items from one Library to another. It also has drag and drop functionality.

Known issues:

-Only 1 SharePoint Desktop Webpart is allowed per page!
-Rights management on the ribbon buttons is not implemented.
-Records are not recognized (they are like checked out documents).
-You can only upload documents and not create new documents (you can however create new folders).


-As requested: a breadcrumb to know your "browsing level".
-When you hover over an item I want to show the metadata of the item in an html table.
-Make it a sandboxed solution.


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